Returning Home

It’s certainly a hike, getting from there to here, but well worth it. The crystal-clear flowing water of the nearby stream reflects the purification of the soul brought upon by the journey. Purification, however, doesn’t last forever, as the human spirit constantly craves new challenges; new adventures.

Soon it’s time to come home. To take the lessons learned from your expanded horizons and insert them into your daily life. This in the hope that life ceases to become the daily grind and instead becomes a daily exploration of the little things. A kind word here, an instance of artistic order there, and being surprised by the good nature of a group. These are little things that contribute a net positive to an essentially flawed world.

All of us, however, are not blessed with that home in a traditional sense. The world of chaos does not end once the front door is closed, despite searching high and low for that ever elusive sense of permanence. The adage, “home is wherever you happen to be,” does you no good if you define home as a place. Since relocation is such a prominent theme in so many people’s lives, my only conclusion is that home is not a place but a state of mind.

It may not even be the people you’re with, because people move. On accident. On purpose. It doesn’t matter. The closest we can come to home could, very easily, be the ability to objectively cope with your situation and be at ease with your location, situation, or condition. To make permanent the understanding that even the mightiest of adversities are not permanent, and to know that even 70 years is undefined when compared to existence eternal. A true home lies ahead, not behind.

FABS #6 – Five Awesome Blog Scribbles

Welcome to your semi-daily dose of awesome blog posts, straight from my WordPress reader and other blogs I follow. Check them out, and tell them Mars Gone Mad sent you!

Five Awesome Blog Scribbles:

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For those of us who think chewing is overrated

Today’s daily prompt was “fence,” by the way, in case you noticed a running theme.

FABS #5 – Five Awesome Blog Scribbles

Welcome to your semi-daily dose of awesome blog posts, straight from my WordPress reader and other blogs I follow. Check them out, and tell them Mars Gone Mad sent you!

Five Awesome Blog Scribbles:

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QOTD #14: The Real Space Age

Question of the Day: Do you think we’ll ever colonize another planet? If so, when? A hundred years from now? A thousand?

My answer: As an optimist, I can’t help but think that if humanity is allowed to survive long enough, it will have the capability of colonizing another Earth-like planet. But I don’t think it will be in the next 500 years, as there is a little matter of light-speed travel to figure out.


QOTD #12: I Love The (17)80’s

Question of the Day: The good news: you can move anywhere you want to. The bad news: you must live the remainder of your days in a time before the year 1900. Where, and when, do you choose to live?

My answer: I would “totes” be a knight of the round table. Sir Estes, they would call me, and I would slay mighty beasts with the crossbow I would invent. That said, nobody’s entirely sure where Camelot is, or even when, or even if it existed. So I may need to rethink my strategy. Maybe I’ll just go be a monk instead.


QOTD #11: Getting Crushed

Question of the Day: Do you still know/talk to your very first crush?

My answer: Yes, I still know my first crush, but I’m not at liberty to reveal the identity of this individual. That said, I haven’t spoken to her in several years. I will say that of all my Facebook friends my age, she is by far the most successful.

However, I would not trade my fiancee for anyone, anywhere, ever.


QOTD #10: Nap Time!

Question of the Day: When you were in kindergarten, did you sleep on a sleeping mat during nap time? If so, do you remember the color or pattern of the mat?

My answer: I sure do. My sleeping mat had all 30 MLB team logos on it, including the defunct Montreal Expos. But here’s my secret about nap time… I never once went to sleep. Not once. All year.